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An Overview

Established in April of 2013, this grant program that gives the opportunity to Teacher and/ or students to seek funding for projects or opportunities in the district

Permanent District Staff such as Administrators, Teachers and/or students can be awarded up to the full amount of their request for their project or opportunity, or a portion of their request at the discretion of the Programs Committee. The application process is competitive as there are limited funds.

Application consists of a 7 minute, informal presentation to the Programs Committee at their monthly meetings. The committee will take 5 minutes to ask follow-up questions. Then the applicant will be asked to step out of the room while the committee deliberates. A decision can happen the same day, or it can be delayed if a decision requires further deliberation. At the end of the committee deliberation, the applicant will be asked back in and the committee will notify the applicant that an ISF staff member will contact them as early as the following day with the final decision. Successful applicants are prepared, creative, and they clearly delineate the need, intent, impact, educational value, and budget for their request.

The funds do not have to be used in the calendar year in which your request is made, however, its
implementation is subject to the discretion of the Programs Committee.

ISF Programs Committee Grant Request Form

Application Deadlines

  • Application is open monthly at scheduled programs Committee Meetings.
  • Presentations must be scheduled with ISF Staff at least two months prior to the Programs Committee
  • A form must be completed with detailed information regarding your proposal and returned to the
    foundation. Please visit our website or contact the ISF office for the form.
  • Turn-around time for approval varies. Some can be approved immediately after the completion of your
    presentation, while others may require further deliberation up to 3 weeks.
  • 2 Week Turn-Around time for check disbursement from the time your application is approved.
  • Program Committee Monthly Application Deadlines

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The Irving Schools Foundation provides financial resources to maximize educational opportunities for teachers and students in Irving ISD by funding innovative programs, scholarships, and activities that enhance creativity, leadership, and academic success.