Claiming your Scholarships

Claiming Scholarships


How to claim your scholarship:

Send the following via email to


  1. An invoice from your school showing your balance due—we can not pay from a $0 due invoice or a negative balance
  2. Your class schedule
  3. Your student ID#—university ID
  4. Payment address for your school


When you claim again in the spring, we need all of the above plus an unofficial transcript.

Please do not send links to any of the requested documents.



  • It is your responsibility to claim your scholarship
  • Scholarship payments are NOT automatically sent to your university
  • For EACH semester, 3 weeks prior to the due date, you must submit:
    • Your name and current contact information
    • A copy of the invoice from your university-payments cannot be made against a $0.00 due invoice
    • A copy of your registration for the semester you are requesting payment
    • The name, mailing address, and your student ID# for your university
    • For your second request-after the first semester, your Current GPA on an official or unofficial transcript
    • Scholarship will NOT be awarded in one lump sum
    • Scholarship is paid directly to college or university
    • You must claim your scholarship every semester
    • Allow 3 weeks for claim to be processed


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