Grants Funded

 Austin Middle School Orchestra Field Trip to UTA

Earlier this year, the 2019 Programs Committee was able to hear from Carly Addison, orchestra director at Austin Middle School, and several orchestra students from the 7th and 8th grades. Together, they represented 90 students that participate at their school's orchestras. Their presentation consisted of a "mini concert" in hopes to receive funds to visit the University of Texas at Arlington. Ms. Addison's goal was to begin her students' college preparation by showing them a variety of potential music degrees, programs and scholarships. Their visit to UTA would include an orchestra's dress rehearsal for the students to observe. This college visit showed these Austin MS students that college is a real possibility for them. We thank Ms. Addison for her amazing support and dedication to these students.

Nimitz Culinary Uniforms

John McFarland Pic 1 John McFarland Pic 2

John McFarland, culinary teacher of Nimitz High School, was awarded a $2,495 grant at the February 2015 Shark Tank. This grant provided 60 students with new chef’s uniforms, which consisted of pants, chef’s coats, and hats. These industry standard uniforms are used on a daily basis by the students and allow the classroom to run more smoothly. The students no longer have the burden of purchasing their own uniforms, and having to take them home to wash them, which means every student has a fair opportunity to learn in the kitchen. The catering services offered by Nimitz culinary students are expanding and they now have the professional uniform to match their services.

Fourth Grade Austin Field Trip T-Shirts

Michelle Massey pic

Michelle Massey and the 4th grade teachers of Stipes Elementary School were awarded a $954 grant at the April 2015 Shark Tank.  This grant provided t-shirts for the 140 4th grade students of Stipes, to wear on their trip to Austin, Texas to learn about Texas history. The t-shirt was designed by students, based on information they found from historical research about Austin. The brightly colored shirts allowed teachers and chaperones to easily locate the students on their field trip. The shirts will be a memento that will forever remind the students of all that they learned during their trip to Austin.

NJHS Students Attend the Broadway Play "Wicked"

Elisa Long pic

Elise Long of de Zavala Middle School was awarded a $4,340 grant in October 2015’s Shark Tank for the National Junior Honor Society students to see the Broadway play “Wicked.” These 33 honorable students of the NJHS are dedicated to community service and their academics to remain a member of the organization. The students wouldn’t have been able to see anything like the play “Wicked” without the grant, and they were very grateful that someone cared enough to allow them to see it. This gave them motivation to keep working hard and focus on academics so that one day they will be able to afford Broadway plays on their own.