The Irving School Foundation gives out Employee Enrichment Grants (EEG) which are professional development grants provided for seminars, workshops and
conferences not funded by the Irving Independent School District. This grant does not cover memberships,
travel expenses, or other costs.

The Irving School Foundation also has Spark Tank which is an application that consists of a 7 minute, informal presentation to the Programs Committee at their monthly meetings. The committee will take 5 minutes to ask follow-up questions. Then the applicant will be asked to step out of the room while the committee deliberates. A decision can happen the same day, or it can be delayed if a decision requires further deliberation. At the end of the committee deliberation, the applicant will be asked back in and the committee will notify the applicant that an ISF staff member will contact them as early as the following day with the final decision. Successful applicants are prepared, creative, and they clearly delineate the need, intent, impact, educational value, and budget for their request