Frequently Asked Questions about Scholarships

What is an endowed scholarship?
The gift is invested and a portion of the earnings is used for the scholarship. The scholarship is available into perpetuity because the principal is not spent.

Can I make pledge payments to my endowed scholarship?
Yes, a period of up to 4 years past the initial donation is allowable to fund your scholarship.

How will I know who is awarded the endowed scholarship I establish?
You will receive an invitation to attend the annual Breakfast with the Stars event each spring. The scholarship winner will be seated at your table. In the event you are not able to attend the awards ceremony, we would be pleased to tell you about the winner.

How do I make an additional gift to my existing scholarship?
You may always give a gift to increase the amount of the scholarship awarded in a particular year or you may add to the principal amount of the endowed scholarship. Please send your donation to the Irving Schools Foundation.

How can I be involved with the selection of the scholarship awardee?
When you establish the endowed scholarship, you will be asked to specify criteria by which the scholarship recipient is selected. The Irving Schools Foundation can help you in outlining the criteria for the awarding of the scholarship so that it reflects your wishes.

If you have further questions, please contact the Irving Schools Foundation – 972.600.5018