Weekend Food Bag Testimonials 


They have Pop Tarts.  We don’t have that much money.  We would not have anything.  I’m glad we get them.

Irving ISD Kindergartener


I love the food bags because they have Pop Tarts.  The bags are important because we don’t have that much money.  If we did not get food bags, we would not have any food. The bags make me feel happy.  I am glad we get them.

Irving ISD Kindergartener


I love the food bags because my uncle is alone raising me with a job that gets little money.  He uses that little money to buy food for me.  It helps my uncle save money.  They make a difference in my family. My favorite item is ramen and gummies.  I tried the gummies and they were a bomb!  And ramen is just delicious. The food bags are important to me because me and my uncle would not have enough food without them.

Irving ISD Fifth Grader


I love the food bags because they make me feel happy.  They make a difference in my family by making us happy.  My favorite is PopTarts.  Thank you for food on the weekend.

Irving ISD First Grader


I love food bags! They make a difference in my family by making us feel loved.  My favorite is the gummies.  I would be sad if we did not get bags!  Thank you so much!

Irving ISD First Grader


Dinner Food Bag Testimonials 


"Thank you so much for what you do for us. Bless all of the people who do all of this so our families can be well during these difficult moments for all of us."


"Thank you for giving us this kind of help. We really appreciate it. It's a big help for our family."


"Thank you very much!! We finally get a place on Wed. so no more bouncing around or hotels. This will help me out some groceries in my fridge!! I appreciate you guys so much!! You have no idea!! Thank you!!"


"Just received our eGift Card. We are thankful for this kind of blessings your giving us, it's really a big help for us. Thank you very much. God bless."


"Thank you so much for this eGift Card. We are very thankful for the blessings your giving us. This is a big help for us. Mucho Gracias."


"A million thanks for what you are doing for us. The truth is that it's been a blessing to receive it once again. God bless you."


"Thank you so much. I lost my job in March due to Covid-19 and we have been going to the school every week when I can to get food for the kids. This was so much needed and beyond appreciated. Thank you thank you so much."

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