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Over 23% of children in Texas under the age of 18 live in households that experience inconsistent access to safe and nutritious food, at some point during the year.  To help ensure Irving students are equipped for success, the Irving Schools Foundation partners with community businesses and organizations to collect and distribute food to students in need. We currently average 900 food bags every week and anticipate an increase to 3,500 this year. With your help, we can eliminate hunger for the students in Irving ISD.


What Can you do?

Pack Student Food Bags (New opportunities every week)

Host a Food Drive (Choose your schedule)

Give a Financial Gift to Help Eliminate Hunger in Irving ISD

Want to volunteer?

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Volunteer Opportunities


Want to Host a Food Drive?

Here is what we need:

SUGGESTED ITEMS: (Individual Servings, No refrigeration)

Weekend Food Bags need to include 5 main course items, 2 breakfast items, and 2 snacks (vegetable cans are extra, but bags get heavy)



Ravioli/Spaghetti Oatmeal Packets Granola Bars
Soup/Stew Small Cereal Boxes Fruit Cups
Chili Pop Tarts Apple Sauce
Vienna Sausages Fruit Bars Fruit Snacks
Tuna Trail Mix Peanut Butter/Crackers
Canned Chicken/Ham Dried Fruit Cookies
Non-frozen Individual Meals Breakfast Bars Jello/Pudding
Mac & Cheese Oatmeal Bowls PB to Go
Ramen Noodles Raisins
Small Peanut Butter & Sleeve Crackers Chips











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