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Along with our student scholarship program the centerpiece of Irving Schools Foundation’s mission to uplift Irving students and teachers is the ISF Spark Tank, a competitive grant program that awards funds for innovative, enriching, and out-of-the-ordinary classroom projects and learning experiences for students of all ages across Irving ISD. Since 2013, ISF has funded over 303 projects representing over $1 million and 180,000 students, teachers and staff impacted. 

How Spark Tank works

Every month (excluding July and August), the ISF Spark Tank Committee (the Programs Committee) meets to evaluate Spark Tank grant proposals from Irving ISD teachers, counselors, librarians, coaches, administrators, or other Irving ISD employees.

Each application includes an informal presentation (of no more than seven minutes), followed by a five-minute period of follow-up questions from the committee. The applicant will then be asked to step out of the room while the committee deliberates. Some funding decisions are made immediately (with applicants notified on the spot or the following day), while other applicants may be notified that further deliberation is required. Funding may be awarded in part or in full, based on both the availability of funding as well as the evaluation committee’s discretion.

Elements of a successful grant application:

Preparation: Grant presentations don’t have to be “fancy”, but they should be thorough and include as much detail as possible.

Creative: The committee is most interested in applications proposing learning experiences that are creative, innovative, out-of-the-ordinary, or inspirational.

Clear: Be sure to clearly communicate the intent or purpose of your proposal, the need to provide this kind of experience for your students, your budget, the educational impact of the proposed experience, and information about the student population that will benefit from the opportunity. The amounts you submit in your application must be exact and match the supporting documents and quotes. Please do not round up or down. Additionally, your amount may not change between the time of submitting your application and presenting to the committee (unless decreasing).

Dates: Spark Tank applications are accepted on a rolling basis throughout the school year—however, applicants should bear in mind that the Spark Tank committee only meets once a month, and that we typically take a break in July and August. We recommend that applicants seeking funding for time-sensitive projects submit their application at least two months in advance of the event date or program kickoff.


important dates

Deadline of Application: 10th of each month (September to June)

how to apply


Access the application form via the links on this page. Note that all required documents must be submitted in PDF form.


Spark Tank funding is available on a first-come, first-served basis, so feel free to apply as early as possible (at least two months prior to your event or program launch date). You are not required to use funds during the same calendar year in which they are awarded; however, be aware that funding implementation is always subject to the oversight of the ISF Spark Tank Committee.


The amounts you submit in your application must be exact and match the supporting documents and quotes. Please do not round up or down. Additionally, your amount may not change between the time of submitting your application and presenting to the committee (unless decreasing).


Include as many details as possible—the better the committee understands the potential positive impact of your proposed program, the better your chances are of receiving funding.


Turn-around time for approval varies. Most applicants receive a decision after the completion of the Spark Tank presentation, while others may require further deliberation of up to three weeks.


Please allow up to two weeks for funding (check disbursement) of approved projects.


If your project requires transportation and is happening locally, you are required to use Irving ISD buses. If your project is not local, please submit three quotes from bus or transportation companies as part of your proposal.


Have a question about the process? Please contact us at [email protected] or at 972.600.5018.

how to get help

Looking for guidance on how to submit a successful proposal, or have a question about the process? Contact us at [email protected] or at 972.600.5018.

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TaKeisha Campbell

Board Member

TaKeisha Campbell

Board Member

TaKeisha Campbell joined CoreLogic in 2003, where she has held multiple positions within the company such as Professional Accountant, Operations Supervisor and now as a Professional, Human Resources.  She is a part of the CoreLogic Connect team which consists of 4 Pillars, Live More, Play More, Learn More & Give More.  TaKeisha is the Chair of CoreLogic’s Give More Pillar, which helps to promote, organize, and facilitate volunteer and charitable giving opportunities that help people while fostering teamwork and connection in the workplace for over 1,800 employees at the Dallas Campus.  Through the Give More Pillar she has established multiple philanthropic relationships within the community and is driven to help others and drive engagement for all involved.   

TaKeisha currently holds a Bachelor of Applied Arts & Science degree in Organizational Leadership from Texas A& M University – Commerce and is pursuing her SHRM CP certification.

Elizabeth Kern

Board Member

Elizabeth Kern

Board Member

Elizabeth Kern serves as the Director, Supply Chain of Micropac Industries, Inc, an aerospace electronics manufacturer providing mission critical products to the space, aerospace, military, medical, and industrial markets.  In her role as Director, Elizabeth is responsible for all aspects of the supply chain including contract negotiations, disruption mitigation, production planning, source selection, and legal compliance.  Elizabeth supports employee development through mentoring, training, education and career coaching.

Elizabeth developed a passion for business as a young girl watching her parents build a thriving business.  Her core business values were established through watching her mother and father build and run a business, nurture their employees, help the community, all while balancing the challenges of raising a family.  She truly embraces a “win – win” philosophy, believing that in all aspects of life, success is measured in balancing one’s passion with the ambitions of others.

Elizabeth has progressed through increasing levels of responsibility supporting and managing purchasing, production planning, Manufacturing Resource Planning (MRP) implementations, and Government audits.

Elizabeth earned her Masters of Business Administration from the University of Dallas, successfully presenting her team capstone project.

Elizabeth lives in Irving with her husband, Joel, and their two daughters.

Brian Summers

Board Member

Brian Summers

Board Member

Brian Summers has lived in Irving almost his entire life. He attended Brandenburg Elementary, Travis Middle School, and graduated from MacArthur High School.

Brian has worked for Consolidated Electrical Distributors since 2011. He’s been the owner of a  bartending service for more than 40 years and enjoys playing Santa Claus during Christmas holidays.